S5 Homework

Hi Guys

Q3 d) and Q4 for tomorrow.

Mr Mac

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8 Responses to S5 Homework

  1. Katy scott says:

    I’m not going to be in school for a bit so em if you need me to do any homework or somthing just give it to my brother, feel free not to tho 🙂

    • Hi Katy

      Thanks for letting me know. We have covered a full topic whilst you have been off and I really don’t want you to fall behind. Can you have a look at the Simultaneous Equations section in the textbook?

      I will send work home with your brother (along with printed notes) if you could tell me his name?

      Mr Mac

  2. John Ralton says:

    a will not be in the rest of the week so could you tell me the questions i have to do to catch up thank you

  3. david cleland says:

    whats the homework for tomorrow

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