S2 Daily Homework for Monday 3rd Dec

Hi Guys

Two columns copied into your jitter for Monday.

Multiplying and Dividing fractions and mixed numbers.

Mr Mac

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16 Responses to S2 Daily Homework for Monday 3rd Dec

  1. Tara McLachlan says:

    Really sorry sir, left my jotter in my locker, took my Spanish one home in stead of my Maths, could I hand it in for Tuesday before registration?

  2. Tara McLachlan says:

    Been at fuZion practice all night and haven’t had chance to do the homework and I’m not well at all 😦

  3. Fraser McLuggage says:

    Sir is there any homework for tomorrow (friday 7th) ?

  4. Lewis Alexander says:

    Sir I didn’t see any homework questions on the blog. I didn’t ask today because I thought you would post it after school

    : (

  5. Tara McLachlan says:

    Left my orange jotter in my bag in my locker. Will just do it in my yellow jotter or would you want me to do it for Thursday before regi?

  6. isla robertson says:

    sir can u help me on the formal homework on Q7 b) please

  7. isla robertson says:

    sir what is the mode again???.

  8. Lewis Alexander says:

    Sir I’ve forgotten what the homework was can you remind me please
    sorry : (

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