S2 – Test 2 on Thur 31st January

Hi Guys

Revision of all the topics up to and including Ratio and Proportion will be covered.

Extra Revision Below

Assessment 2 – Revision Sheet A2

Fractions Revision

Mr Mac

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13 Responses to S2 – Test 2 on Thur 31st January

  1. Harry Richardson 2C2 says:

    Assesment 2 Revision Sheet- 2 A Questions: 1(a),(b),(c),(d),(g),(h),(i),(j),(k),(l) 2,5,6,7,10,11(a),(c),(d),(e),(f),(g),(h),(i),11,14(b),(d),15,18,19,20,21 are all missing.

    • Harry,

      This is most likely due to the computer you use. The sheet is constructed on Microsoft Word and if you do not have this system then you may not be able to see all the questions.

      Mr Mac

  2. Ben Watkins says:


  3. Tara mclachlan says:

    Hi sir, are we allowed to use a calculator in this test?

  4. Rachael Tonnar says:

    Sir , I’m not exactly sure on how to work this question out?


    The second half I get but it’s the first part I don’t get

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