S1 Daily Homework

Hi Guys

All of Exercise 5B

and Exercise 5C – Q a), b) and d)

Mr Mac

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17 Responses to S1 Daily Homework

  1. Im stuck on 5a I forgot how to do it how to do it

  2. grant murdoch says:


  3. Dylan Kennedy says:

    Dylan Kennedy

  4. Sorry for the late reply Abbie.

    Remember that all 4 angles must add up to 360 and OPPOSITE angles are EQUAL.

    Mr Mac

  5. Morgan Doherty says:

    Morgan Doherty

  6. Karla baird says:

    Is that for Monday because I don’t get it

  7. Karla baird says:

    And was there any other homework

  8. Rhys Collins says:

    I am stuck with exercise 5c c

  9. Rhys Collins says:

    It is (x + 20) and (x – 10)

  10. Rhys Collins says:

    Will you deal with it tomorrow mr Macintyre

  11. Toni forsyth says:


  12. Rhys says:

    What is the homework again sir

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