S1 October Revision/HW

Hi Guys

As you know, we have a test when we return so hopefully you have made good use of the revision sheet I supplied.

Enjoy your break.

Me Mac

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22 Responses to S1 October Revision/HW

  1. have we to do the tasks on 2D shape ?

  2. Lucy Bryson says:

    How do you work out the angles of a trapezium??? I can’t work out the answer to the last question on the 2D shape worksheet

  3. Alana says:

    Hi sir I am stuck on qustion 5 on revision could you help me please

  4. Rhys says:

    Hi sir I am stuck with Q5 on the revision

  5. Rhys says:

    I get it now sir sorry

  6. Tamzin ware says:

    Hi sir I am stuck on Q2 I know you explained it in class but I don’t understand it.

  7. Tamzin ware says:

    Hi sir I am also stuck on 7A,B

  8. Tamzin ware says:

    Hi sir I am stuck on 7A,B and 2A,B

    • Hi Tamzin

      I am sorry but I don’t have the sheet at home with me so if you can give me a little more detail on what it is you are stuck with then that would help. As long as you have tried all the questions then I can help you tomorrow with any that you find particularly difficult.


      Mr Mac

  9. Tomie forsyth says:

    Mr Macintyre I’m stuck on Q5 it’s asking me to give a three letter name and say what type of angle is marked with a dot I think

    • The angles are marked with symbols also Tomie, try and find a Z angle and use your understanding of a straight angle to complete the diagram. Making a sketch will really help too.

      Mr Mac

  10. karla says:

    stuck on parallelogram question – ////// diagonals ////// cross at ///

  11. Morgan Doherty says:

    Hi mr mac see on revision sheet 1 on question 5 and 6 am not quite sure what the dot stands for weather it means like find the area or something.

  12. karla baird says:

    Ta sir

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