Hi Guys

You have been issued 4th Level – Revision 2 TODAY and I have previously posted 4th Level – Revision 1 with the 4th Level – Revision 1 (Worksheet)

Here are a couple of extra sheets for your own use at home if you so wish. I am really looking for you to continue with the positive changes I have seen over the past few weeks.

Take responsibility for your own learning and I will be able to help you as much as you need.

S3 Block 1 B – Revision Sheet

S3 Block 1 C – Revision Sheet 1

Good luck

Mr Mac

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4 Responses to S3 TEST

  1. Cameron Steele says:

    Sir Maxine has taken two sheets by mistake so I haven’t done formal homework. I would have came up but didn’t realise until just know when I get the sheet back ill have it done for next day sorry.

  2. Cameron Steele says:

    Iam using an ipad sir as computer isn’t working at the minute. It’s coming up the first 3questions on both exercises rest isn’t loading

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