S3 Homework and Revision for Frid 29th

Hi Guys

Find the equations for the lines of best fit we had drawn today in class.

In the form  y= mx + c

Also Revision Sheet 2 – Q5

Mr Mac

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6 Responses to S3 Homework and Revision for Frid 29th

  1. Casey says:

    Hello sir, a was revising for the test using the revision sheets and need help , forgot how to do questions 3 and 13 on revision sheet 1 , sorry it’s at last minute this wouldn’t let me on the blog and that’s me just got it to work.

    • No problem at all Casey, don’t worry too much about Q3. We covered all the changing subject stuff we need when we rearranged the equations of a straight line.

      Q13 is simply subtitution so for the first entry on the bottom row you have;

      y=2x+2 and if we sub in x =-2 then we get y= 2 x (-2) + 2 OR y = 2 times -2 + 2 = -4 + 2 = -2

      Let me know if that helps.

      Mr Mac

  2. Casey says:

    Aw yeah a can remember now , thankyou!

  3. Ewan McGilvery says:

    a was off on Monday so will I do the b or the c test tomorrow?

  4. Cameron Steele says:

    Is the reversion 1c the best one to use to revise ?

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