S1 Homework for Tue 10th

Hi Guys

Ex 8B – Q34

Ex 8C – Q1

Mr Mac

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42 Responses to S1 Homework for Tue 10th

  1. Ryan Blake says:

    I am not sure about question 1on excercise 8c

  2. Brodie lees says:

    I am stuck on the homework for tomorrow 11th December

  3. Brodie lees says:

    Exercise 8c 1-5

  4. Alana says:

    7/1/14. I am stuck on a could you help me please

  5. Tamzin ware says:

    Hi sir

    I am stuck on the homework for tomorrow I don’t know how to find the percentage

  6. fraser merriweather says:

    Sir what was our 2 questions for wednesday I know that the 1st one was 75% of 52 what was our 2nd question

  7. Riyad says:

    Fraser 2nd question was 80% of 230

  8. Brodie lees says:

    Hey me mac I don’t get Q4 it doesn’t make sence?

  9. Brodie lees says:

    Sorry I don’t need help I finally got it

  10. Ben says:

    I can’t remember how to change the number to a fraction to subtract or divide.

  11. Christopher Riddell says:

    mr macintyre i cant get hw for 5th of january

  12. Ben says:

    Mr MacIntyre, I don’t know how to take 7 away from 2 in the hw you gave us?

  13. Ben says:

    No, I can’t take away the mixed numbers.

  14. Ben says:

    Ok thanks

  15. Daniel Moore says:

    6/2/14.I’m stuck on the revision sheet Q 11 a)I don’t understand abc.

  16. Daniel Moore says:

    Don’t understand Q12c)

  17. Daniel Moore says:


  18. Ben Docherty says:


    I don’t understand Q14,

  19. Ben says:

    The wording of the question

  20. Ben says:

    It’s ok I’ve got the answer.

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