S3 – Homework for Thur 13th Feb

Hi Guys

Q7 – Finding the radius of a cylinder with height 14cm. The cylinder has the same volume as a cuboid with dimensions 11cm by 8 cm by 9 cm.

Salary Question: Q7 page 34

Salary – £42 640

Pension -£3411.20     and      NI – £4190.16

Calculate a) taxable income, b) rate of tax,  c) tax , d) final salary

Mr Mac

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3 Responses to S3 – Homework for Thur 13th Feb

  1. haroon says:

    Hi sir I don’t understand what the question is trying to ask you and how to answer it (question 7 page 34).

    • I asked you to copy the question from the board today Haroon, we started it and you are to finish it.

      You must subtract the taxable allowance, pension and NI then you will have his annual salary.

      Check the table provided to isolate the correct tax rate and then use that to finish c) and d).

      Hopefully this helps.

      Mr Mac

  2. Haroon says:

    Yes! thanks sir

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