S5/6 Intermediate 2 REVISION

Hi Guys

I have attached some extra revision material below. PLEASE ensure you complete as many past papers as possible. THEY ARE CRUCIAL!!!


REVISION MATERIAL – Click on each link

Past Paper Questions (by topics)

2007 – SQA Past Paper

2007 – SQA Past Papers Solutions

Exam Practice 3

Exam Practice 4

Exam Practice 5

Simultaneous Equations



Int 2 (1,2,3) Practice Paper A

Int 2 (1,2,3) Practice Paper B

Algebraic Fractions 1

Circle Exam Questions

Mr Mac





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15 Responses to S5/6 Intermediate 2 REVISION

  1. Sam Butler says:

    I’m not sure how to do Q3 from the 2009 calculator paper

  2. gordongrant1 says:

    Hi, stuck on question 8 from 2007 Paper 1


  3. gordongrant1 says:

    Got it now, thanks.

  4. gordongrant1 says:

    Past Paper questions by topic:

    2004 Q2
    2005 Q2
    2006 Q1, they all look like there the same type of question so I’m unsure on how to start them off with the correct formula and where to get the numbers I need to get the correct answer

    • No problem Gordon. It’s a straight line question so find 2 coordinates that lie ON the line and label them x1 and x2 etc.

      Gradient formula and then find the y-intercept and y = mx + c

  5. Sam Butler says:

    how do you do 2012 paper2 question 13?

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