Higher – Set Theory

Hi Guys

Copy this in your own time and let me know if you would like a paper copy printed. (Please try and copy this without needing a print out though).

Set Theory

Mr Mac

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9 Responses to Higher – Set Theory

  1. Kaitlin Currie says:

    What questions is if we have to do? And it wont let me open the attachment

  2. Kaitlin Currie says:

    Is it*

  3. Hi Kaitlin

    The link attached to this post is the Note on “Set Theory”. The questions you have to do are on a separate post from Wednesday.

    I have put 2 sheets on, 1 full revision of straight line and 1 full revision of differentiation. Question 4 should be done on both.

    Mr Mac

  4. Kaitlin Currie says:

    Hello, I dont see a post for the homework ex.5. I am confused on what is actually being asked of me in q. 3 and 4. What does it mean to find an expression and what are you supposed to do when it says find a formula, obviously you find a formula but I dont know how to

    • Hi Kaitlin

      They are asking for the composite function. Like we have done in class, although they are calling it a formula and then an expression. A formula contains an equals sign and an expression doesn’t generally but for both these questions just find the composite function like we have been doing in class.

      Mr Mac

  5. Kaitlin Currie says:

    Okay ill try thanks

  6. Kaitlin Currie says:

    I dont geg 3b, I think I did it wrong as I just got x

  7. Kaitlin Currie says:


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