Higher HW & NAB Extra Revision

Hi Guys

Higher HW 6 for next Thur (9th oct)

Also below are some more Practice NABs

Higher Unit 1 Practice NAB 1

Higher Unit 1 Practice NAB 2

HSN Practice NAB

Mr Mac

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23 Responses to Higher HW & NAB Extra Revision

  1. Kaitlin Currie says:

    Hi, how would you do question 6 in the HSN NAB?

  2. Lauren says:

    hi, for question 7 in the practice nabs the f(g(x)) do you factor out the brackets or just leave as (3x+2)^4?

  3. Kaitlin Currie says:

    What questions have we to do for Monday out the book you gave us? I’ve just done some questions for practice but don’t know what ones we have actually to do?

    • I left it to you guys to do whatever practice you feel like you need. I was going to set some but wanted to see who really wants to work without any guidance. Everyone needs to take resposibility for their own revision. I hope that I will get a good idea of who is committed by Monday. I know you are so dont stress.

      A good habit to get into is to scan the questions and see what you find difficult. Have a go then ask for help if you get stuck.

  4. Kaitlin Currie says:

    Are you taking in what we have done or?

  5. Lynsey says:

    Hi, I’m stuck on question 4 on homework 7. Its the optimisation question.

    • Ok lynsey, first of all use part (a) if im right its 8x + 9y and make it equal to the length they give you which is 360 im sure.

      So you have 8x + 9y = 360 and you need to rearrange it so that y is the subject. That will give you y = …….. In terms of x.

      This will allow you to use it as part of the Area formula.

      I can give you more detail but want to see you try it with this little snippet of info.

      Let me know if you need more help.

      Mr Mac

  6. Lynsey says:

    okay, thank you

  7. Lynsey says:

    I have ended up with A=64/9x squared -320x. So I don’t know what to do now because it’s not the correct area

  8. Lynsey says:

    can I come and see you about it at break please?

    • Yeah no problem Lynsey, you are clearly on the right track though.

      You should end up with y = 360 – 8x / 9

      The length is 3y so 3 x (times) this fraction. Which would leave you with:

      360 – 8x / 3

      Area = l x b = 2x (360 – 8x / 3)

      Break the brackets and you should get the answer after some simplification.

      A(x) = 720x – 16x^2 / 3 (ALL over 3) **but split into 2 fractions.* Giving

      A(x) = 240x – 16x^2 / 3 (240x = 720x / 3)

  9. chloe199822 says:

    Hi, I’m looking for help with Qu 3 from outcome 3 in the practise nab you gave me. I’ve managed to differentiate it, but can’t split it into two brackets as I don’t understand how to differentiate with the fraction .

  10. chloe199822 says:

    Ok , thanks

  11. Kaitlin Currie says:

    Hi, I’m not in again because I’m not well and was wondering if I could do anything. Also if I am in tomorrow can I come see you 3rd period and at lunch too? I’m scared incase I fall behind

    • Kaitlin

      Try not to worry, we will get you caught up. You can come and see me tomorrow, of course, as long as I am not given a cover class.

      Today we simply finished the graph note from Friday and then tackled the Exercise 7I on page 141 – Q3 onwards.

      I took a short note of approximate roots but that can be given to you tomorrow. the exercise is the primary work for today.

  12. Kaitlin Currie says:

    Unfortunately I will not be in tomorrow I’ve been taken into hospital and have to stay the night. Just thought you should know

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