S2 Revision – Block D (4th & 5th Nov)

Hi Guys

Revision Sheets below:

Blue Course – Revision Block D

Mr Mac


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50 Responses to S2 Revision – Block D (4th & 5th Nov)

  1. Jenijo says:

    hi its Jenijo I forgot how to do BD1.2 E F G and H also BD1.3 3 (a)

    • Well done for asking and revising Jenijo. They are both the same type of question, just laid out a different way.

      This is sharing a quantity using a ratio. You have a note on it but all you do is add the parts of the ratio and use that to find the value of 1 part.

      ie. if i had a ratio of 3:2:5 then there would be 3+2+5 = 10 parts.

      From there you would divide by 10 to find the value of 1 part and so on.

      Let me know if that helps. If not then we can discuss tomorrow.

      Mr Mac

  2. Kayleigh Bell says:

    hi need help on bd1.3 question 7

  3. Kayleigh Bell says:

    hi i got a question in bd1.6 Q1 b) and c) what is the origin?

  4. Kayleigh Bell says:

    ok thank you

  5. Jodie says:

    Hi see for the revision booklet for BD3.6 it says draw a Cartesian Diagram. I was just wondering what a Cartesian Diagram is.

  6. Teigan Kelly says:

    Hi,is our revision going to be marked?

    • Hi Teigan

      I can mark some of it for you but I couldn’t mark every single piece of revision for the whole class. It’s more important for you to find areas you need help on and we can work through them.

      Use your notes and examples.

      Mr Mac

      • Teigan Kelly says:

        Okay thank you, so we only do parts we are not sure on

      • Have a look through the whole thing but please don’t waste time doing a load of questions that you find easy.

        Find things you want help with and ask on here or in class Teigan.

        Good luck and let me know if I can help tomorrow.

  7. Abby Duffner says:

    Hi, I’m stuck on exercise 4 question 2 for Monday, Can you help please?

  8. Abby Duffner says:

    It’s not the revision it’s homework

  9. Abby Duffner says:

    ok thanks

    • Abby i dont seem to have to sheet at home, so sorry.

      We can go over it tomorrow, it’s an extremely positive process you have gone through though. Thanks for letting me know and in future, continue to use the Blog.

  10. Kayleigh Bell says:

    hi how do you do a scatter graph again

  11. Teigan Kelly says:

    Okay thank you, I don’t understand how to do the Cartesian diagram for the homework and revision

  12. Melissa Toner-Bell says:

    Hi, I was just going in over the homework and revision booklet and I have completely forgot how to do ratio, like in the homework booklet Exercise 2- question 4? I was wondering what was a easy way to understand it??

  13. Kayleigh Bell says:

    hi i am not sure what to do on bd3.7

    • Hi Kayleigh

      Set up a table with 2 rows.

      The top row is for the x values and the 2nd row is for y values. (See notes)

      You will be given a formula eg. y=3x + 2 and this will allow you to find y values by substituting the x values into the formula.

      Ar the end the x value is the x coordinate and the y value the y coordinate.

  14. Abbey says:

    Hi i dont know how to get bd2.2 q2 b and c

    • Hi Abbey

      Find the total number of people first.

      Then create a fraction woth the rangers amount on top, change it to a division and use the decimal answer to get to a percetrage. Either by multiplying by 100 or simply using your knowledge on decimals/percentages.

      eg. 4/16 = (4 divided by 16) x 100
      = 0.25 x 100 = 25%

  15. Kirsty B. says:

    I’m confused with BD5.1
    Q2 a) 7% of £25
    I know I need to make it into a fraction I just forgot how.

  16. Abbey says:

    Ok thanks

  17. chloe says:

    hi it is chloe can you help me with

    At a school assembly there are 432 pupils. The ratio of boys to girls is 5 : 7.
    (a) How many boys are at the assembly?
    (b) How many girls are at the assembly?

    • Add 5 and 7 to get 12 parts

      Then divide 432 by 12 to find 1 part.

      Once you have 1 part, you can multiply to find 5 parts and 7 parts.

      • chloe says:

        thank you

      • chloe says:

        i am doing some revision, can you help me with exercise 12 question 1 in homework booklet. thank you

      • Certainly, there are a few ways to find 15%

        Find 10% by dividing by 10, then half that value to get 5% and add the two values together.

        You can use a similar technique to get 20% also but obviously instead of halving 10% you double the value.

        Alternatively you can divide by 100 and then multiply by 15.

        And finally you could simply multiply by 0.15 which is the decimal equivalent of 15%.

        Don’t go too far ahead in the booklet Chloe, it is far more important to mend the areas of difficulty highlighted by the test.

        Mr Mac

  18. chloe says:

    so for the first way of doing it would you do 2 divided by 10% then half the answer and add together?

    I wont go to far ahead I just want to do some revision as I didn’t do to well on my test.

    • No Chloe, we haven’t decided on how to do that in class as yet. Leave that question and we can discuss it in class.

      Focus on Ratio etc from test. There is no point in trying new stuff as yet.

      It’s good to see you showing initiative but make sure you do it in good time going forward. (ie. prior to a test)

      Mr Mac

  19. chloe says:

    okay will do, I think I have an idea on how to work it out but I will leave it out and go onto ratios thank you anyway?

  20. Teigan Kelly says:

    I have put my maths stuff in my locker at the end of the day forgetting we had to get our parents to sign the evaluation,will I just hand it in on Thursday?

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