S4 – National 5 Formal Homework

Hi Guys

Formal HW for Friday 14th November

HW 2:

Section A – Q4

Section B – Q4

Section C – Q2, 4 and 10

Section D – Q10

HW 3:  Q1 b) and Q2 a)

HW 5: Q2

Good luck and remember to ask for HELP!!

Mr Mac

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5 Responses to S4 – National 5 Formal Homework

  1. Sean k says:

    I’m not sure how to do section D q10 could you help?

    • No problem Sean and thanks for using this option.

      I know you will have been shown how to do this 2 separate ways now but first of all pick one.

      Section D – Q10

      If you are happy with the method I have shown you then the box you have means you need 2 numbers that multiply to give you -6 and add to give you -1.

      +2 and -3 will do this.

      Then you simply create 2 fractions, ensuring that the numerator is 2r and simplify to find your brackets.

      Let me know if that helps.

      Mr Mac

  2. Daniel P says:

    I am struggling with HW 5 Q’2, could you help?

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