S2 – Block E Revision

Hi Guys

Below are two additional revision sheets that you can use along side your textbook and notes.

Please attempt questions and ask for help with difficulties.

Blue Course (Block E) – Revision 1

Blue Course (Block E) – Revision 2

Blue Course Revision Booklet -Block E

Mr Mac

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122 Responses to S2 – Block E Revision

  1. chloe says:

    Hi, can you help me on BE1.6 on the revision please. Thank You

  2. Jodie says:

    I was just how you would do 6 divided by 2/3.

  3. Kayleigh Bell says:

    Hi mr macintyre I am stuck on revision paper 1 question 3 b I am not sure if x = 2.25 Or 2 1/4

  4. Kayleigh Bell says:


  5. Kayleigh Bell says:

    ok thanks

  6. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    Hi I am stuck with the sum when you have to work out the percentage that’s equivalent to 7/50 ?

    • Multiply the top and bottom number by 2 Jenijo.

      Giving 14/100 = 14%

    • Jenijo Macfarlane says:

      Hi can you also please help me with
      3. calculate the area of a rectangular floor which is 7 1/2 metres long and 5 1/3 metres wide.
      4.Pippa has a weekly piano lesson which lasts 1 1/4 hours. If she sat her first examination after a total of 25 hours of piano lessons, how many lessons had she needed?
      I completely forgot how to do these…

      • Q3 is the area of a rectangle so length x breadth. Multiply the 2 fractions Jenijo.

        Q4 is divide the total number of hours by the length of time for one lesson. So divide the 2 fractions.

  7. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    Thank you for getting back to me will work on that now.

  8. Kayleigh Bell says:

    hi Mr MacIntyre i was just wandering how you would divide a whole number with a fraction cause i am stuck on 6 times 3/4

  9. Jenijo says:

    how would you do Q.4 because I only know how to divide two fractions but the sum is 1 and 1/4 then 25 so I don’t know how you would do that ?

  10. Kirsty B. says:

    how do you change 121/2 % into a fraction? (revision booklet- fractions and percentages 3. d) )

  11. Jodie says:

    See for the questions; -5(5x+4)+6x
    I know it goes to -25x -20+6x
    Would you signs change if you move them to the other side

  12. Jenijo says:

    Hi, how would you find the median number of goals scored what would it be ?

  13. Jodie says:

    How would you do x/5=10

  14. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    bc3.1 q 2. (c)

  15. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    the middle number is one. Can you please help me with BE0.3 Q.1 (A) 6x 3/4 because I know how to divide two fractions but I don’t remember how you would do a whole number and a fraction ? Thanks.

  16. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    Thank you Mr. Macintyre.

  17. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    See on BE1.3 Q.3 (A) -10/5 would it be -2 ?

  18. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    I am struggling with BE1.4 when you have to solve the equations… I cant find explanations in the textbook is there a page that explains how to do it ?

  19. Kirsty B. says:

    ok thank you

  20. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    ok I will come at lunch then because I have wrote down everything I am not sure about. Thank you.

  21. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    Two dice are thrown. What is the probability that:
    (a) The probability that the sum of the two dice is 7.
    sorry Mr. Macintyre how would you work this out ?

  22. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    so would it be 6/12 ?

  23. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    Use a calculator to find the values of the following, round your answers to 2 decimal places.

    √65 (b) √3 (c) √16 (d) √24 (e) √2 I have tried to do this but I just cant get it to work because I know how to do the square root questions without the calculator but I cant seem to find the formulae for this ?

  24. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    sorry to make my last question clearer. when I am typing in calculator
    root 65 = the answer it is giving me is :- root 65 on the calculator
    root 3 = the answer it is give me is :- root 3 on the calculator
    root 16 = the answer it give me is :- root 4 on calculator ( I know this is right why does it give me the answer for this one but not the others)
    root 24 = the answer it gives me is 2 root 6 ( I don’t know how to set this out ) as the answer does not look familiar.
    hope that makes a bit more sense.

    • Ah I see yes, there should be a button on your calculator that either says “change” or “s-d” it’s on the right hand side near the AC button. If you hit that then it should give you a decimal.

      If not then it must be a calculator I am unfamiliar with. I would be able to work it out in person.

      Let me know if that helps.

      • Jenijo says:

        Hi Mr MacIntyre
        Thank you for getting back. thats what I needed to do…have pressed the sd button now and its working out in decimal places thanks very much.

  25. Kyle says:

    I noticed that the Blue Course – Block E revison is missing a question 2, is that supposed to happen?

  26. Ciaran says:

    Hi mr macintyre what is a prime number

  27. Kyle says:

    How would you make 12 and 1/2% into a fraction?

  28. Jodie says:

    See for 1/2x-1=1/5x-4,
    I know you said times the bottom by the bigger number
    I know it’s five but I’m confused about what would happen to the 2
    And what the outcome would be,
    Could you please help me.

  29. Kayleigh Bell says:

    Hi I am having trouble with probability it is BE2.3 question 1 b) what does it mean by square numbers?

  30. Kayleigh Bell says:

    what does it go up in?

  31. Kayleigh Bell says:

    never mind I got it.

  32. Teigan says:

    How would you put 12.5% into an equivalent fraction

  33. Kirsty B. says:

    how do find all the square roots of 9?

  34. Abbey says:

    I am struggling a bit with be1.4 question 4

  35. Ciaran says:

    I am struggling with be1.4 as well

  36. Ciaran says:

    Never mind I’ve got it

  37. abbey says:

    also question 5 on be1.4

  38. Kirsty B. says:

    never mind I figured it out

  39. Ciaran says:

    Q4 and 5

  40. abbey says:

    x/5 = 10

  41. Kirsty B. says:

    for BE4.6 its asking you to find the square roots of negative numbers, but negative numbers don’t have a square root, so would I change the negative to a positive and then find the square root of that?

  42. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    Hi Mr. Macintyre I was just doing BE1.4 Q4 (b) I know that x/5=10 is x=50 because you multiply by 5 but on (b) its 6/x= -2 so if x is on the bottom what do you do ?

  43. Teigan says:

    I got confused at 5 1/2 – 2 3/5
    I done 5-2=3
    then I done 1/2 – 3/5
    I got 5/10 – 6/10
    = -1/10 and was just wondering if that is right so would the answer be 3 -1/10 because I haven’t seen negatives in this type of sum before

  44. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    oh ok I thought it was 6/x= -2
    x= -2 times 6
    so x= -12 ?

  45. abbey says:

    i was wondering for bc3.2 q1 what does the part tally mean does it mean the same as mark

  46. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    if it was 1/3 x+2=1+1/4x would you be multiplying by four because its the bigger number ?

  47. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    oh yeah I remember now. I am just going over the equations right now, I know how to do the longer ones but see if its just 5x= -15 do you just do – 15 takeaway 5 ?

  48. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    you know how when you bring a negative over to the other side it becomes a positive does that mean if you bring a positive over to the other side it becomes a negative ?

  49. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    so it would be x = – 3 ?

  50. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    sorry for asking so many questions ! but see on BE1.4 Q 4. (e) 10+2/3x= -8 how would you do that because I can do a, b, c and d but I cant do e or f ? thanks.

  51. Kayleigh Bell says:

    what would you do for the square root of negative 9?

  52. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    ok thankyou.

  53. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    15-3(x+2)=5x+1 would it be
    what would you the do when gathering the like terms because I didn’t know if because their isn’t a sign infront of the equals sign if it would be 3x – 5x or 3 x +5x .

  54. Jenijo Macfarlane says:

    ok. Thank you
    Evaluate the following expressions, given that

    m = 3 n = 5 p = 6 q = -2 r = -3 t = -6 v = -10
    h) mnv/(t+r-p) that gave me 3x5x-10/-6+-3-6 I am confused about what the signs would be on the bottom bit because its 6+-3 would this just become 6- 3 ?

  55. Jodie says:

    How would you do,

  56. Jenijo says:

    For BC3.1 Q3. (b) it asks the median of the stem and leaf diagram, is it 57 ?

  57. Jenijo says:

    Ok thank you.

  58. Jenijo says:

    Thankyou !
    I was just doing this question and i know how to add a cumulative frequency column but i am unsure on finding the median of when its in a table…

    Terry records the number of cars he sells in the 1st week of June.
    Day Frequency
    Mon 3
    Tue 2
    Wed 5
    Thur 6
    Fri 4
    Sat 10
    Would you add the frequency up which would be 30 then divide by 6 cause there is six days ?

  59. Jenijo says:

    oh wait never mind I think you use that formulae for the ,mean ! … but I don’t know how to find the median of that table.

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