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S2 Homework for Tue 21st April + REVISION

Hi Guys Formal homework to be completed in full please. Block F – Homework 2 ALSO block F revision BF1       Brackets, equations and inequalities BF2       Pythagoras’ Theorem and Significant Figures BF3       Scientific Notation, Indices and Surds BlueCourseRevisionBF BlueCourseRevisionBF … Continue reading

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S56 – Higher REVISION Websites + Extra

Hi Guys For access to extra papers on the Duncanrig website click here. For additional material click here. Also see below: Circle Logs and exponentials Quadratic Theory Recurrence Relations Straight Line Trigonometry Vectors Mr Mac

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S56 – Higher REVISION Objective Questions

Hi Guys 1.1 – The Straight Line 1.2 – Functions & Graphs 1.3 – Basic Differentiation 1.4 – Recurrence Relations 2.1 – Polynomials & Quadratics 2.2 – Basic Integration 2.3 – Trig Formulae 2.4 – The Circle 3.1 – Vectors … Continue reading

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S56 – Higher Homework for Wed 1st April

Hi Guys See below. Unit 3 – HW 3 Mr Mac

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S56 – Higher REVISION

Hi Guys Some extra practice papers for you guys. Higher Mathematics – Practice Paper A Higher Mathematics – Practice Paper B Higher Mathematics – Practice Paper C Higher Mathematics – Practice Paper D These could also come in handy for … Continue reading

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S4 – National 5 REVISION

Below are some practice papers (a-c with answers) you may find them useful. nat_5_practice_paper_a nat_5_practice_paper_a_answers nat_5_practice_paper_b nat_5_practice_paper_b_answers nat_5_practice_paper_c nat_5_practice_paper_c_answers Thanks Mr Mac

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Higher Unit 3 Practice NABs

Hi Guys Remember the quality isn’t great. Unit 3 Practice NABs – 1-4 Unit 3 Practice NABs – 5&6 HSN Practice NAB Click here for extra NABs on the school website. Mr Mac

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