S2 Homework for Tue 21st April + REVISION

Hi Guys

Formal homework to be completed in full please.

Block F – Homework 2

ALSO block F revision

  • BF1       Brackets, equations and inequalities
  • BF2       Pythagoras’ Theorem and Significant Figures
  • BF3       Scientific Notation, Indices and Surds


BlueCourseRevisionBF – Answers

Mr Mac

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71 Responses to S2 Homework for Tue 21st April + REVISION

  1. Teigan says:

    Hi I was wondering how you would do question 5 on homework 2

    • Hi Teigan

      Apologies for the slow reply, I have been unwell.

      You must create an equation and solve for b. Both boys have the same amount of money or items plus money. So basically find and expression for John and a separate one for Ahmed then make them equal to one another.

      I hope that helps.

      Me Mac

      • Teigan says:

        I still don’t understand how to find out the cost of one? and also I’m not sure how to do question 6 on homework 2 because it says (-2,10) ?

      • Ok Teigan

        We can sit down in person and go through Q5, please don’t worry too much. Q7 has the coordinate (-2,10), is it that question you mean? Q6 is different.

        Q7 – Draw a coordinate diagram for this, including a negative x-axis.

        Mr Mac

  2. chloe says:

    h I was wondering hoe to do all of question 3 and 5 I have forgot.

  3. Jenijo says:

    hi mr. Macintyre, some of the answers are missing for me.

    • Hi Jenijo

      Apologies for the slow reply, I have been unwell.

      Answers for what?

      • Jenijo says:

        The blue cours revision BF-answers

      • Hi Jenijo

        I am sorry about the lack of access to the answers, it may just be a computer system issue. I will have the answers when you return but I cannot print a copy for everyone.

        Make a note of any problem areas and I will ensure we have time to sit down and go through them before the test. Also, can I apologise3 for the late reply. I have been unwell and unable to access internet due to being on holiday and busy with personal tasks.

        Mr Mac

  4. Jodie says:

    Hi, could you please help me with Question 5 on homework 2.

  5. Hi. I was wondering how to do question 5 on homework 2

  6. Siobhan says:

    Hi. I was wondering how to do question 5 on homework 2

    • Hi

      First of all can I apologise3 for the late reply. I have been unwell and unable to access internet due to being on holiday and busy with personal tasks.

      For Q5 you must create an equation by using letters (for unknown values) and numbers. The equation can be best tackled if you read each section in a broken manner.

      i.e. 2 bars of chocolate = 2b or 2x

      Mr Mac

  7. chloe says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me on revision BF1 question 1,2 and 3? I have forgot how to do it.

  8. Teigan says:

    Yes for question seven the co-ordinates are (12,9) and (-2,10) but if I do a co-ordinate diagram how could I go along the x axis to positive 12 when the x axis are negative numbers?

    • I see what you mean Teigan but you are making it more difficult that it needs to be. Ignore the fact that they are negative, the negative numbers on coordinate diagrams simply describe what direction they are in.

      The horizontal distance is the difference between 12 and -2 which is 14.

      • Teigan says:

        Do I just do it normally then? Because when I do there isn’t any space to draw the triangle it’s like a straight line and what would I do with 14 or is that just the distance

      • That’s just a length yeah. And the vertical distance is 1, the difference between 10 and 9.

        Then join the lines to make a right-angled triangle.

  9. Teigan says:

    Join the lines of the co-ordinates or 14 and 9 what would I write to show the 14 and 9?

  10. Jenijo says:

    Hi mr. Macintyre see for the revision BF1.8 would the answer be x=12 ?

    • Hi Jenijo

      I can’t seem to access the sheet on my phone. I will check the answer for you at school.

      Continue to attempt the questions, the method is just as important as the answer.

      Mr Mac

  11. Katie Duffner says:

    Hi I was wondering how would you do Question 7 on the homework? I am struggling with it a bit.

  12. Abby says:

    Hi, can you help me with question 5 please?

  13. Kyle says:


    I ran into a bit of trouble with BF1.7, and I was wondering how to do it.

  14. Kayleigh Bell says:

    Hi Mr MacIntyre i am not so sure what to do for the revision on BF1.10 question 2 I am not sure how to find x

  15. Ciaran says:

    Hi I have tried to do q5 but keep getting confused

  16. Jenijo says:

    Hi mr. Macintyre I was revising BF3.3 Q1 (f) and I was wondering what you would do if its a6xa3
    because I thought it would’ve been a squared then a nine at the top but the there would be the squared sign in the way… could you please help me?

  17. Jenijo says:

    hi mr. Macintyre I was wondering If you could help me with BF4.3 I don’t remember doing anything like this and don’t really understand what the question is asking?

  18. Jenijo says:

    Also I attempted doing BF4.2 Q 2. (B) I wrote as numeracy results increase so do literacy results.
    would that be right ?

    • Hi Jenijo

      I’m so sorry but my app doesn’t seem to pick up the document very clearly. I am unable to access a laptop at the moment. Could you give me more specifics RE the questions??

      Thanks for your efforts.

      Mr Mac

      • Jenijo says:

        Hi mr. macintyre on BF4.3 The question is ” which of the following examples of discrete data, and which are examples of continuous data.
        (a) The number of red cars on a road.
        (b) The weight of a blue whale.
        (c) The height of a two year old child.
        (D) The number of people in 3s1 who like salt and vinegar crisps?
        I didn’t really understand that question or what i was supposed to do.

      • We haven’t covered this Jenijo.

      • Jenijo says:

        For BF4.2 Q2. (B) it says “describe the correlation between the literacy and numeracy marks.” i wrote as numeracy results increase so do literacy results because when i drew the scatter graph the line was going upwards so i thought it was a positive correlation, but i was a bit unsure. I appreciate the help, Thankyou.

      • Again we haven’t covered Statistics. Don’t worry about it.

  19. Kirsty B. says:

    Hi I need help on BF1.10
    I can’t remember how to find x

  20. Ciaran says:

    Hi could you help me with BF1.10 Q1 and 2

  21. ciaran says:

    it says “the shape shown below is made from a small rectangle cut from a larger rectangle. if the shaded area is 87 square centimetres, find the value of x. also do we not do BF4 or 5 in the test which is statistics, graphs,charts and probability. rotations and transformations.

  22. Kayleigh Bell says:

    hi Mr Macintyre please can you explain surds to me in class tomorrow I’ve had a look online but i don’t understand it because i was away on Thursday and i need to understand it for the test and i wanted to ask if everything in the booklet was going to be in the test because there are more things in the booklet that we did not do in class thanks

  23. Jodie says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could please help me with BF2.7 Question 3 in the revision sheet the question is; Complete the following calculations and give your answers correct to 3 sf a) 17 divided by 9 b)7% of £125000 and c) find the circumference of a circle with the diameter 4.15cm
    I’m confused with question C
    thank you.

  24. Kyle says:

    Hi, I was wondering how you would do:

  25. Teigan says:

    I was looking back on the revision but I don’t understand BF2.7 Q3 could you help please

  26. Kayleigh Bell says:

    Hi Mr MacIntyre i was looking over the note you gave us for surds and i saw a question saying square root 4×9 what would you do if both of the numbers can be simplified

  27. Kayleigh Bell says:

    thanks i am also stuck on 2/3root4 and we would have to rationalise it and simplify it

  28. Lucy says:

    See for question 1 on BF1.9 in the revision book do you flip the sign round if its two minuses ?

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