S56 – Higher REVISION Websites + Extra

Hi Guys

For access to extra papers on the Duncanrig website click here.

For additional material click here.

Also see below:


Logs and exponentials

Quadratic Theory

Recurrence Relations

Straight Line



Mr Mac

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9 Responses to S56 – Higher REVISION Websites + Extra

  1. EuanW says:

    I’m unsure on how to calculate the equation of QR in Q2 paper 2 2013.

  2. Kaitlin Currie says:

    Hi, have you got any free periods on monday?

  3. Period 2 should be fine Kaitlin, and the times you are scheduled for Maths are always available.

  4. Kaitlin Currie says:

    Period 2 is more useful. Thank you

  5. Rachel Beel says:

    I’ll be coming to see you period 5 if that’s okay, got a lot of questions from logs and past papers

  6. Kaitlin Currie says:

    Are you free 1 and 2 tomorrow?

  7. Kaitlin Currie says:

    okay thanks

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