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S56 – Higher REVISION Websites + Extra

Hi Guys For access to extra papers on the Duncanrig website click here. For additional material click here. Also see below: Circle Logs and exponentials Quadratic Theory Recurrence Relations Straight Line Trigonometry Vectors Mr Mac Advertisements

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S56 – Higher REVISION Objective Questions

Hi Guys 1.1 – The Straight Line 1.2 – Functions & Graphs 1.3 – Basic Differentiation 1.4 – Recurrence Relations 2.1 – Polynomials & Quadratics 2.2 – Basic Integration 2.3 – Trig Formulae 2.4 – The Circle 3.1 – Vectors … Continue reading

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S56 – Higher REVISION

Hi Guys Some extra practice papers for you guys. Higher Mathematics – Practice Paper A Higher Mathematics – Practice Paper B Higher Mathematics – Practice Paper C Higher Mathematics – Practice Paper D These could also come in handy for … Continue reading

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S4 – National 5 REVISION

Below are some practice papers (a-c with answers) you may find them useful. nat_5_practice_paper_a nat_5_practice_paper_a_answers nat_5_practice_paper_b nat_5_practice_paper_b_answers nat_5_practice_paper_c nat_5_practice_paper_c_answers Thanks Mr Mac

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Higher Unit 3 Practice NABs

Hi Guys Remember the quality isn’t great. Unit 3 Practice NABs – 1-4 Unit 3 Practice NABs – 5&6 HSN Practice NAB Click here for extra NABs on the school website. Mr Mac

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S3 Revision – Block H

Hi Guys See the attached documents for many many examples. Yellow Block H – Circles Yellow Block H – Revision 1 Yellow Block H – Revision 2 Mr Mac

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S2 – Block E Revision

Hi Guys Below are two additional revision sheets that you can use along side your textbook and notes. Please attempt questions and ask for help with difficulties. Blue Course (Block E) – Revision 1 Blue Course (Block E) – Revision … Continue reading

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